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Frank Anthony Greco MD was previously Professor of Medicine, Director of Medical Oncology at Vanderbilt and Director of the Vanderbilt University Cancer Center in Nashville Tennessee. In 1993 he was the co-founder of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute also located in Nashville Tennessee. His principal professional interest has been clinical cancer research with particular interest over the years in patients with cancers of unknown primary site (CUP), lung cancers and germ-cell tumors. He has developed or helped develop improved therapies for patients with several types of neoplastic disease including those with CUP. He has helped to define the complex group of CUP patients and recognized many subsets of patients requiring site specific therapy. He has applied novel diagnostic techniques (immunohistochemistry and molecular techniques) to determine the tissue of origin of the enigmatic CUP syndrome composed of many different/specific metastatic cancers with clinically occult anatomical primary sites. He and his associates have reported on site specific treatment for many of the subsets of these patients. The outcomes of many of these subsets after receiving site specific therapies have been published, many more are in preparation and the survival of specific CUP subsets appear similar to those patients with metastasis and known primary sites. He has helped to unravel the molecular genetic characteristics of multiple tumor types and emphasized the importance of determining the precise tissue of origin in CUP patients to better interpret the results of next generation sequencing of the tissue specimens or blood in order to apply the most optimal site specific treatment for each patient. The Sarah Cannon Research Institute has developed into an international group of programs at multiple sites in the United States and England dedicated to clinical research and testing of the most promising new therapies for patients with many types of neoplastic diseases.






Frank Anthony Greco, MD

Sarah Cannon Research Institute

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